Market Fatigue in the Face of Catastrophic Success

The relative stability in the Dollar, S&P 500 and US yields is broadly in line with my view that analysts and markets had got ahead of themselves with respect to the path of the US economy and financial markets.

Moreover, Chinese policy makers’ willingness and ability to use central bank FX reserves to support the Renminbi tallies with my expectation that “near-term, the PBoC may continue to see some value in a broadly stable Renminbi.”

Currency, equity and bond markets may also be suffering from “political-fatigue”, with Donald Trump’s “policy-by-tweets” exhibiting diminishing returns.

Expectations that Trump will have to deliver a more cohesive set of policy priorities will likely rise exponentially after his inauguration as President today. If he is unwilling or unable, markets’ good-will may flounder and the Dollar and US equities may correct lower.

In the UK, Theresa May’s speech was an important milestone in the UK’s already tortuous path towards a world outside the EU. But there are still many legal, political and economic hurdles the government must clear, including a number of parliamentary votes.

Given the uncertain path which British executive and legislative bodies will take to reach a difficult-to-predict outcome at a still unidentifiable point in the future, fluctuations in Sterling will likely remain common-place.

I see the risk tilted towards Sterling weakness due to the British government’s acute challenge of negotiating favourable trade deals with EU and non-EU countries and the UK economy’s reliance on faltering household consumption growth.

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